SMARTone MKIII Phone Case Decoration Press Machine

The SMARTone-MKIII is our lowest cost solution for the decoration of smart phone cases. It is designed for single cases using 3D film wrapping.

  • The SMARTone-MkIII is designed to give the highest quality decoration.
  • A5 film sheets are used to provide fast on-demand decoration using 3D sublimation. The film wraps all visible edges of the part. The use of vacuum technology means the part does not require pre-wrapping.
  • A built-in film dryer and internal vacuum pump coupled with a compact design results in a system which fits on a desktop.
  • When matched with a low cost printer the system brings industrial quality results in a simple to use package.
  • A typical cycle is around 3 minutes.
  • The system can be used singly or part of a cellular manufacturing set-up.


Dimensions W25cm x D46cm x H27cm
Weight 13.5Kg
Electrical (max) 5A/230V10A/120V
Control System Single button cycle start.Fully programmable temperature and time
Cycle time Approx 3 minutes for coated polycarbonate.(Cycle times can vary depending on substrate)
Jigs Precision CNC aluminium jigs fitted with key plates to ensure correct orientation and registration.Jigs are interchangeable with other 3DSS machines.
Warranty 12 Months
Options A conversion plate can be added to allow 2D flat substrate decoration.
NB Specifications are indicative and may be subject to change